WHAT: One of the four beaches that make up the Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) area, Sai Wan is the location of one of the popular surfing destinations in Hong Kong.
WHERE: Located in the Sai Kung East Country Park, it is accessible from Sai Kung town by bus.
ACTIVITIES: Coastal Watch, Leadership camps, surf, bodyboard, kayak, canyoneering, challenge course, orienteering, scavenger hunt, habitat study, nature walk, night walk, camping, camp craft, swimming, beach activities.

WHAT: A quiet island steeped in pirate history and even more ancient culture, with popular beaches and coastal paddling.
WHERE: located a short ferry ride away from Central.
ACTIVITIES: nature walk, farming, kayaking, village history walk, beach activities, coastal exploration, service, cooking, pirate history, Coastal Watch.

WHAT: a secluded island with a YMCA youth camp on-site and a remote island with excellent snorkeling.
WHERE: located a short boat trip from Sai Kung town.
ACTIVITIES: Camping, Camp craft, Cooking, Survival, Sea kayaking, Orienteering, Nature Walk, Habitat Study, Mangrove exploration, Coasteering, Snorkeling, Beach activities, Swimming, Night walk, night games, campfire, star-gazing.

WHAT: the ideal spot for kayak training, kayak expeditions or a weekend getaway with friends and family.
WHERE: a remote bay located to the northern end of the Hong Kong Geopark.
ACTIVITIES: Camping, cooking, kayak training, kayak expeditions, snorkeling, hiking, habitat studies, beach activities.

WHAT: A fishing village with a strong tourism draw, Tai O is famous for its stilt houses and as the jumping-off point for seeing the Chinese white dolphin.
WHERE: Located on the southwestern end of Lantau island.
ACTIVITIES: leadership camps, organic farming, camping, canyoneering, culture walk, dolphin spotting, kayaking.

WHAT: a heritage preservation area with strong links to the Chinese diaspora.
WHERE: located in the Kaiping area amongst UNESCO World Heritage sites.
ACTIVITIES: heritage preservation, farming, community service projects, Chinese diaspora, biking, hiking, cooking.

WHAT: a social enterprise working with the local farmers and villagers in the Heshan Valley to help improve their livelihood through education and connecting them with buyers of their organic produce.
WHERE: Song Valley (a.k.a. Heshan Valley) sits like a crater nestled in mountains between Jianmeng and Foshan.
ACTIVITIES: farming, community service projects, mud brick making, nature study, hiking, cooking, camp craft, heritage walk, campfire.