Whether you’re a school, business, community organization or a group interested in developing leadership capacity in your students, staff or group members, this course uses outdoor activities and challenges as a vehicle to develop participant’s skills, knowledge and confidence.

Participants will initially learn leadership models to assist them in giving and receiving constructive feedback. They will have a chance to lead and follow and learn about their own leadership style and practice collaborative team building techniques. The course will consist of a number of outdoor activities that challenge participant’s interpersonal and communication skills within a safe leadership framework. The skills learned over the course can be taken back to your school or business and used to inspire and engage others to achieve more.

These training courses can be tailored for any age group to achieve desired outcomes. This course is ideal for students or others who are seeking leadership roles or can be expected to engage with others in a leadership capacity.

The course can be done in a two-day one-night period, though longer courses provide more opportunity for development.

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